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For you, who loves to feel unique and make every little detail a motif of great beauty, Galvan Sposa has created a special service: the wedding dress designed with you.
Contact Galvan Sposa, we set an appointment together to meet you and listen to you as you tell us your dream and entrust us with the task of making it a reality.
Tell us about yourself, how you are, your story, your expectations for your wedding day and our professional staff will pay attention, to imagine the model you tell about yourself in the most real and beautiful way.
We draw with you your ideal dress, we identify the lines that match your body and present it in its maximum splendor.
We choose the best fabrics to make your model unique and unforgettable, combining with you the most appropriate accessories to the dress that we will create together.
We bring into your home our sartorial art, the accuracy for details that comes from our tradition and our ingenuity capable of catching every kind of innovative idea.
Everything will be perfect for achieving an excellent result, which will give you an exclusive dress, unique in the world and able to tell how you are. Make your dream come true.
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Our appointee will contact and inform you about the service and to reply to every kind of question.
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