Keeping your wedding dress in the best possible way is, I think, an obligation, for sentimental reasons.

Without waiting until you get back from your honeymoon, the newlywed bride should make sure the wedding dress has been cleaned along with the accessories such as the veil, the slip and gloves. Often it is said that the mother of the bride takes care of the cleaning and keeping that which, from the day after it was used, becomes a family heirloom to be guarded jealously. Often the wedding gown is quite dirty and damaged after the ceremony, especially if the religious service was followed by a rather lively reception, and not all traditional cleaners will assume the responsibility for cleaning such a delicate garment as the wedding dress, often embroidered with lace or made out of special fabrics that can be easily ruined during cleaning.

Thanks to experience, to the availability of modern dry cleaning equipment and to qualified personnel who know how to clean and check wedding gowns, there are a few cleaners who can offer this service at a not excessive cost with a satisfactory final result.

Here are some tips for keeping your wedding gown:

The first thing is to see to its cleaning as soon as possible. Itís better if this can be done in time and not after coming back from your honeymoon to avoid having the dirt settle into the fabric irreversibly. So, before leaving on your honeymoon, remember to entrust this chore to your mother or another person you trust. Obviously, to avoid unpleasant surprises and keep your big day memories in the best manner, trust professional cleaners and those who specialise in cleaning wedding gowns. Wedding dress and veil, once cleaned, need to be kept in the same garment bag that the gown atelier provided it in, or alternatively in a cardboard box that can hold it easily. The wedding dress, together with the accessories, should be kept in a dry place. Do not use mothballs: the best way to keep its beauty is to air it out at least twice a year. In order to avoid yellowing, we advise you to wrap the wedding gown in a large enough cloth, then hang it normally in a closet so every time you open the closet, the gown can breathe.

Final advice: on the most beautiful day of your life, donít let fear of dirtying or ruining your wedding dress stop you from enjoying your day to the fullest or keep you from having fun.

Author: La rivista per il tuo matrimonio

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