This is the new topic dedicated to the sweetest, tastiest wedding detail: the CONFETTATA!

For many of you it's well known but for others (especially for those newly arrived) it's still for you, let's clear up what CONFETTATA is.

Making a confettata means offering your guests a CONFETTO (a gift to the guests), which has always represented 5 elements traditionally:





-long life


All this is of course dedicated to the bride and groom.

Once, tradition required the Sulmona candies to be set out in an area of the banquet with their own place setting, a "corner" we call it today, where the guests could freely help themselves to the candied almonds.

Today tradition returns and is now a real kit to set out the multi-coloured confetti in different shaped and sized containers, along with the classical, traditional almonds.

There are different sizes according to the number of guests: the “light” version with seven different flavours for 50-100 guests, the “medium,” with 11 different flavours for 100-200 guests and finally the “magnum,” for those who want to do it big, with 15 different flavours for more than 200 guests.

There are actually two ways to present the confettata:

-TO EAT AT THE WEDDING, meaning setting the confetti so the guests can help themselves

-TO EAT AND AS A SOUVENIR set out as above but in this case each guest can take home a small bag of confetti thanks to a container (that can be a bag, a cone, a napkin or a small box).

This decision makes a difference in the number of confetti available to each guest: if you choose the souvenir, you need to have a larger number of confetti with respect to the number available for eating at the reception.

Types of confetti:

As well as the classic candied almonds, nowadays there are new forms called "choco-almonds." The flavours are more varied: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white, gianduia, cappuccino, whipped cream, coffee, melon, watermelon, orange, dark cherry, lemon, strawberry, coconut right up to the most innovative including goat cheese cake, babà with cream, caramel, tiramisu and many more.

The confetti are subdivided by flavour and each container will be marked by type with a small card indicating the flavour.

Along with classic almond confetti you can also have pralines and personalised M&Ms.

Next to the classic confettata, you can offer or integrate a CARAMELLATA made of toffee, marshmallows, lollipops, muffins and glazed biscuits.


The confettata table should be handled very carefully in every detail and should be arranged according to the style and colours that have been chosen for the ceremony and the reception tables.

To embellish it you can use flowers, candles and coloured tulle to give a touch of class.


The confettata can be on a preferably round table, positioned at the entrance or exit of the place where the banquet will take place, near the table of guest favours, or in any other place where guests will pass by.


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