Dear brides,

Galvan Spose is launching a new wedding dress petticoat concept.

A new, light and sleeveless women's garment, worn under the dress and wonderfully versatile, has arrived.

It was an easy choice to make to link it with the launch of the 2018 collection, which is mainly dedicated to transparency, with sexy dresses fashioned with tulle and embroidered lace to obtain tumbling, ethereal lines.

The brand new Galvan Petticoat completely replaces the old lining and comes in 2 materials: jersey or elasticated silk satin.

The special feature of the new Galvan petticoat is that, apart from giving you a beautiful silhouette, it is for all intents and purposes a dress that can be used, on its own, as an evening dress.

When the fashionable bride kicks off the evening party and the dancing starts, to her joy she will be able to flaunt her lovely petticoat as if it were a second dress.

And last, but not least, our petticoat perfectly wraps the whole body to perfection, making you look 2 sizes smaller.

Under your dress, choose a Galvan petticoat. Designed to surprise!

Author: staff Galvan Sposa
The petticoat that becomes a dress.

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