Many GALVAN brides have chosen to get married in this historical moment, considering first and foremost the desire to fulfill the dream of their love story with marriage, we wanted to publish this protocol recommended by to organize the wedding safely:

If anyone has forgotten the mask

We are used to it: before leaving the house we must remember to take the keys, wallet, cell phone ... and now also the mask. But in an exciting situation such as a wedding, someone might forget about it or, again because of the emotion, tears, etc. the bezel could break or be damaged. Remember to keep a stock of disposable masks available, both for customers and for your staff members: they too can have a distraction or a setback and everyone's health must be your priority. Safety distance between tables and chairs

We do not know how long it will be necessary to maintain social distancing and, although it may seem easy, it is a concept that for many could conflict with the idea of ​​marriage. While it may seem like a location's responsibility, it's actually a matter for everyone, so all professionals should help enforce safety regulations.

A simple meter is enough to verify that distances are kept during the ceremony or banquet, if not, talk to the manager to change the distribution of the guests.

If you get sick on your wedding day

Even if we hope this does not happen, it is an eventuality not to be discarded a priori. If you or someone on your staff falls ill you need to be prepared to give the service as efficiently.

Organize everyone's tasks clearly and make sure that if a staff member is missing, he can easily be replaced in his duties.

Complete list of the "emergency kit"

We give you an example of everything you can include in your emergency kit to avoid being caught unprepared in case of unexpected events:

  • Infrared thermometer.

  • Personalized masks with your logo for your staff members and spare disposable masks.

  • Protective visors for those who cannot use the mask for health reasons.

  • Latex gloves.

  • Disposable paper towels.

  • Disinfectant wipes.

  • Surface disinfectant.

  • Hand sanitizer gel (buy a good supply: this is an indispensable item that you must always be able to offer to customers).

  • UV sterilizer by phone, because when we work we constantly touch the mobile phone.

  • Tape measure.

We hope this article has been useful for you to prepare your emergency kit with which to face the unexpected while ensuring the safety of your customers.


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