Amost demanding objective...

Becoming a Franchisee is not an adventure: those you take this choice are followed step-by-step and trained on every possible aspect, so they are ready to undertake this new activity with the support and experience of GALVAN Sposa.

These are the stages that you should follow to enter the GALVAN SPOSA world:

  1. If you are interested in becoming a GALVAN Sposa Franchisee, please send us your Curriculum Vitae so we can assess it before we hold a series of meetings.
  2. If this phase is successful, you will take part in a 2-day full emersion course at the GALVAN Sposa Head Offices.
  3. After concluding this hands-on assessment phase, you will start you training course. The training programme will last 2/3 alternate weeks at our head offices. You will work full-time, shoulder to shoulder with our collaborators, who are highly skilled in their various fields of expertise.In fact, extensive well-planned training can help you to:
    - to reduce the business risks
    - to recognise the advantages and disadvantages of the system

At the end of your training sessions you will be ready to launch your own GALVAN Sposa Point !

Areas of expertise