The bride is rock: the new trend of 2023 brings tradition back into play, giving life to an unexpected and counter-current look.

The classic romantic and delicate dress leaves room for a more rebellious and jaunty spirit, which seems to be inspired by the vintage atmosphere of rock bands. Lace, lace and wide skirts are still there but they are revisited to dress a woman who does not want to give up transgression even in a white dress.

Our garments, rigorously handmade and with attention to every detail, are created for all brides who wish to express a more modern elegance and sensuality outside the traditional schemes.

And so lace and transparencies alternate, long skirts and necklines, laces and lines with an essential cut, soft silk and accessories with a more decisive style. We have studied every detail to create unique and unrepeatable models, just like the women who wear them.

Author: staff Galvan Sposa

Trend 2023: the wedding dress is tinged with rock

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